About Us

We are Calm & Calamine UK!

Our knowledge of Calamine Skincare dates back to the 1950's and to this day we have the same traditional formulas as back then. 

Calm & Calamine is a skincare brand dedicated to producing some of the highest quality relief creams at an affordable price. Calamine is known to reduce irritation and calm the skin. That is why we have decided to create an entire brand around it!

Calamine is a mixture of zinc and iron oxide, naturally pink! These minerals are great for protecting the skin from any radical damage. Therefore, creating a barrier to substances on any irritated or itchy skin.

Our manufacturing site is based in the North of England. As we blend and hand pot every individual product, thousands are being sold across the world to help reduce and tackle the problematic irritated skin. Whether that be Itchy skin, wind burn, chilblains, Haemorrhoids, dry skin, bites, rashes, or even sore feet.

You can find our products on our website, or on Amazon. We do not sell in any stores, but you can find more information from us simply by calling our telephone:



Manufactured by Thomas Blake Cosmetic Creams Ltd

or by Email: info@jakare.co.uk

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